Swedish Danish copywriter and translator

Hallogos write, adapt and translate copy for marketing, PR, press releases, ads, UX, prototypes, screenplays and communication. Specialised in writing for Danish companys and shops who wants to sell more to the Swedish market – online or instore.

  • Kronborgs hemlighet

    Can you break the curse? And find your way through the castle of Kronborg by following hidden clues, solving puzzles, and decode secret messages in the light of lanterns.

    Mystery Makers has won several awards for their mystery hunts. Among them the Danish AOK's "Byens Bedste 2018" with the motivation: “A high quality and well designed game”

    CLIENT: Mystery Makers
    Translation of screenplay for the mystery hunts, PR-material, and instructions from Danish to Swedish.

    #translation #PR #consulting

  • Functional training for women by Physiotherapist Elin Solheim

    In fifteen training videos Physiotherapist Elin Solheim demonstrates a method that does something about often overlooked genes from pregnancy, such as back pain, or a stomach that keeps looking pregnant.

    CLIENT: Solheim
    Translation of fifteen instruction films from Danish to Swedish.

  • Business magazine about eggs

    When Danish Hedegaards aquired Svenska Lantägg they wanted to communicate with the Swedish stakeholders.

    I wrote 4 issues of the magasine. Research, Interviews and editing of the magasine. Working on site in Skara in Sweden, consulting and planning the work together with Svenska Lantägg in Skara and Hedegaards in Aalborg.

    CLIENT: Hedegaards / Svenska Lantägg

  • Payment solutions in the Nordic market

    Nets underwent a major change to create a more simple and unified company structure with less separate brands in the Nordics.

    As a subcontractor for groupM in Copenhagen I delivered copywriting of a large number of content marketing articles, translation English to Swedish, and adaptation of marketing texts, consultation, research, interviews etc.

    CLIENT: GroupM
    #copywriting #translation #consulting #research

  • SmartCycle

    The team behind SMARTcycle are eager cyclists and are convinced that ”The Internet of Things” should also be for cyclists.

    Smart accessories for your bike delivered in Sweden by danish retailer Smartcycle.

  • Adaptations, translations and copywriting ...

    ... to small and large clients, BtB or BtC, from the toy industry to car breaks, music industry, cargo, and building suppliers and so on.

    CLIENTs: Mynewsdesk – PR Agency (AMO Toys) / Rechnitzer – Advertising Agency / ToonTV – TV-station, / The Empire – PR Agency, / WeAreAM – Creative Agency, / Snevagten, / Plastbutikken

    #copywriting #translation #consulting

It takes a native Swede, to get your words and tone right and avoid the typical misconceptions and prejudices in your dialouge with the Swedish market; I've spent nearly 20 years working and living in Copenhagen and Denmark. The idea that Danes and Swedes understand each other is common, but in practice, in real life talking, beyond fotball and ski holidays, in discussions and negotiations, words can become as awkward and foggy as Kattegatt; it's easy to get lost, or confused, in translation.

Offline we can make up for that with gestures, humor and further explainations – or worst case, switch over to English. But online it means a ’click’ on the back button – and, for your business, a lost opportunity. Get in touch!

Understand your customer with Human Centered Design

Use design thinking to gather insights for better understanding your customers and to get in tune with your Nordic business partners. With Hallogos you will have a seasoned Swedish Danish designer, advisor, researcher and discussion partner at your hand.

The Value Proposition Canvas – developed by Alex Osterwalder at Strategyzer – is an efficient and simple to adapt framework to find the fit between your customers jobs and your value propositions. I use the tools from Strategyzer and IDEO as external lecturer at DMJX in Copenhagen.

Are you interested in how your organisation could benefit from Human Centered Design and the essential tools from IDEO, Strategyzer et.al. Let me inspire you with an agile and pragmatic approach. Get in touch!

Are you fed up with long wordy PMs to explain stuff?

Good copy is mostly short! Bring in sketching and storytelling to improve the chances that people get the points and understand your prototypes.

Are you interested in prototyping with sketches, graphics and visualisations; Or why not a classic photo essay to bring out the insights from our research. Get in touch!

2019: New workshop and office at Galleri Blaa

Need a good advice? You are always welcome to get in touch. I share office and workshop with Galleri Blaa at Blågårdsplads on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

The art gallery is an inspiring Nørrebro location and can be hired for workshops.

+20 years of experience

During the soon 20 years here in Copenhagen I have worked for bureaes and clients and delivered either Concepts, Copy or Design:
Danmarks Radio – DR, Copenhagen Business School – CBS, CopenhagenBombay, Hvidovre Kommune, KREA Medie, Alinea, ToonTV, Savannah A/S, Mystery Makers, MyNewDesk, GroupM, DAVA foods (HEDEGAARDS) and many others. Contact me for a Resume or visit LinkedIn

External Lecturer

DMJX – Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole 2018/2019

Currently I am external lecturer and teach at – Media, Produktion & Ledelse, MPL :
:::::> Digital Innovation & Prototyping (10 ECTS)
:::::> Cross Media & Omnichannel (7 ECTS)

Medieinstitutet, Malmö 2017/18:

:::::> Agile project method
:::::> Javascript
:::::> HTML5, CSS, CMS, WordPress

Sonic College, Haderslev, 2013/14:

:::::> Personal Storytelling & WordPress).